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We all love having our house always ready.  A floor where we can walk comfortably barefoot and the feeling that we live in a healthy environment. We agree, right? But then gets the harsh reality: lack of time overwhelms you and the tasks accumulate. Total, that not always (rather almost never) is everything as you would like.

The quality of cleaning that a vacuum cleaner gives you will not be achieved in any other way. Sweeping with a broom is used to collect half the dust and spread the other half, so forget if you are allergic or if you have a baby at home. Vacuum cleaners solve it for you. You just have to decide between the different types on the market: sled, cordlesssmart robot, and dry/wet vacuum.

Take it easy, we help you decide. We have compared the different types and models and we show you the most successful in 2020. After knowing what current vacuum cleaners offer you, you will never want to hear about sweeping your house anymore!

What will you find in this guide?

Here is the list you were looking for: the best vacuum cleaners selected
from all the types available, analyzed, and chosen to take into account their
technical characteristics and their value for money.

All these models are worthy of being in this top 10. It’s up to you to
decide after weighing their pros and cons and take a look at our comparison.

Type: sled
Power: 170W
Noise: 80 dB
Autonomy: cable


Dyson Big Ball Multifloor 2, among the Dyson sleds, the Big Ball Multifloor 2 stands out: a model with “only” 170 W of power. This, which in any other brand would be insufficient, translates into an effective vacuum cleaner thanks to the brand’s own double cyclonic vacuum system.

The power combined with a pneumatic brush adapts to all types of floors and has a “suction cup” effect to wash away even the microscopic particles that empty effect, however, can be uncomfortable to handle if you have carpet or a lot of rugs because you need a lot of force. The box also includes a multifunction accessory and another for corners and stairs.

Mobility, which is something to look at in sled vacuums, is not an issue.
The “Ball” models incorporate a design that greatly facilitates handling since the machine rotates on itself thanks to a central ball. It is very stable, dodges obstacles, and moving it does not require extra effort. In addition, the Dyson Big Ball Multifloor 2 adds an anti-tip system that makes it straighten only when it falls, thanks to its round shape.

Altogether it is heavy, just over 10 kg. It is clearly designed to drag it
along the ground, but if you grab it with your hand to reach higher places, you will notice it. The idea is that you do not do it: for that, it has the extra-long handle, extendable up to 1,250 cm. In general, it gives an excellent result and its 1.8-liter tank empties easily, with a single gesture, without having to touch the powder at any time.

Maybe its 80 dB makes it a little louder than we would like, but the Dyson Ball Multifloor 2 makes up for this small excess with efficiency and functionality



Great suction power, like all Dysons

The price: the brand is paid

360 ° articulated handle

It weighs and takes up a lot

Anti-tip system

Type: Robot

Power: 55V

Noise: 66dB

Autonomy: 120 minutes

The Xiaomi MI Vacuum V1, best known for its mobile phones, began some time ago to introduce other types of smart devices to the market. Their foray into the field of vacuum cleaners has started directly with the robot vacuum cleaners and they offer high-end technology at very competitive prices, with a minimalist design that is the brand of the house. Xiaomi MI is efficient and silent. It has the capacity to vacuum floors of up to 250 square meters, with good suction power. The filter and the 0.42-liter dust container are located at the top, making the appliance easy to clean.

Once connected, the rooms can be mapped and the device works in an
organized manner, leaving no corner without vacuuming. Also, the sensor works great and does not trip on furniture. It moves very smoothly. Cleaning can be done without an internet connection, but it is interesting to do it to get more out of it. The brand would need a slightly more elaborate adaptation to the Spanish market: the instructions only come in Chinese and you have to search the internet to get a tutorial to help you get it started.

As we have said, it is not essential to break your head with this because
the vacuum cleaner works the same, but not doing it is wasting all the
technological possibilities that this Xiaomi MI Vacuum V1 offers us, which are
not few.

But if you still want more, you can take a look at the Xiaomi MI Vacuum 2 (Roborock S50) , a 2-in-1 robot with
vacuuming and scrubbing functions 



Effective vacuuming.

The instructions are in Chinese.


Management from the App (in English and Spanish).

Type: sled

Power: 1,400 W

Noise: 73 dB

Autonomy: cable

Kärcher WD4, A vacuum cleaner that works for everything but with one extra: incredible results in upholstery cleaning.

To all the advantages that wet and dry vacuum cleaners have, the Kärcher WD4 adds a very interesting functionality: it is ideal for cleaning textiles of all kinds: carpets, rugs, mattresses, sofas …

For this, the tank has two 4 + 4-liter tanks, one for dirty water and the
other for clean. It is not too much capacity if the cleaning is long you will have to empty and/or refill to continue working. You do not have the option of heating the water, but we recommend that you try to pour it already hot and you will see how the effectiveness increases.

For upholstery, it is very practical. It has a 2-in-1 system that allows you
to spray and vacuum in the same gesture, without changing the nozzle. It is important to emphasize that as it has a lot of power, no less than 1400W, it is capable of removing a large part of the humidity. It doesn’t leave fabrics one hundred percent dry, but drying certainly goes a long way.



Excellent for textiles.

The instructions are in Chinese.

Good drying function.

 If you're just looking for a vacuum, there are other cheaper options.

Powerful also as a dry vacuum cleaner.

Type: sled

Power: 700W

Noise: 66

Autonomy: cable

Bosch Relaxx’x, One of the quietest vacuum cleaners on the market. If you are bothered by the characteristic noise of vacuum cleaners, if you have a baby you don’t want to disturb or a skittish pet, you are facing an option that does what it promises.

With its 66 dB, the Bosch Relaxx’x is one of the most discreet models on
the market. If you close the door, the next room will hardly know it’s working.

Filtering is another strong point. For one thing, it has a 100% washable HEPA filter, so it saves us spare parts. On the other hand, the Bagless sensor is activated when the dust decreases the airflow and starts a self-cleaning of the filtering system.


The performance of its 700 W is good, with a suction power of 100 V that is quite effective even when vacuuming pet hair. It may be a bit short in the case of rugs, so if your house is carpeted you may be interested in amore specific vacuum cleaner.


It has a large tank, 3 liters, and is therefore a vacuum cleaner of a certain volume that will need a large place to store it. The brushes are also slightly larger than on other models and together weighs 7 kilos, so you need space.

In return, the wheels it incorporates greatly facilitate mobility. The extra-long cable (11 meters) already seems designed to have the greatest possible radius of action without moving the device.


If you have space and don’t mind a big vacuum, this Bosch Relaxx’x could be your model.



Very quiet.

 It takes up a lot.

Easy to clean.

Excellent filter system.

Type  :  robot

Power :  33V

Noise : 68dB

Autonomy: 120 minutes

A robust, efficient robot vacuum cleaner without technological
complications for daily maintenance.

iRobot Roomba 605 is already a classic of robot vacuum
cleaners. It has been on the market for many years and has earned the trust of consumers because it offers reliable, efficient, and durable devices.

One of the best-selling models is the 605, a basic that is presented as a very robust and durable device, capable of working on all types of surfaces. It comes equipped with two brushes: the first pick up dirt, the second picks it up. A third brush is used to clean the edges. It adapts to all types of floors automatically, also carpets. And it looks like it does a good job with pet hair. When she’s done, she returns to base and recharges.

The operation is very intuitive. It does not need to be programmed, just press the “clean” button to start moving around the house, avoiding furniture and slopes (such as stairs) thanks to its sensor system.

This model does not map the house, that is, it moves randomly, so you may see it pass more than once through the same place or leave a small area without vacuuming. This is solved simply by letting it work longer. If we are interested in limiting the cleaning area, we can buy a virtual wall, an invisible (infrared) wall that prevents the robot from moving forward.



Technologically simple.

It is not programmable.

Good suction capacity.

It does not map the house.

It is designed to last.

Type : Sled

Power :  750W

Noise : 79dB

Autonomy: Cable


Powerful, quiet, and handy: the basic sled vacuum cleaner (Rowenta Air Force Extreme) to have at home.

The Rowenta house proposal that is having the most success this year, in its range of sled vacuum cleaners, is the Rowenta Vacuum Cleaner Compact Power Cyclonic: a simple model but that more than meets what we ask of a domestic vacuum cleaner.

The 750W of power announced by the manufacturer is well used, with
a very good performance on hard floors. It has an amazing suction capacity, so much that it can even cause something of a “suction effect”, especially when we vacuum rugs. To balance we have to open the tab on the handle and let it lose some power. It works, but perhaps a power regulator would be appreciated to improve this aspect.

Although it is not one of the quietest models on the market (79 dB), it
is not particularly annoying while you are working either.


The device is in addition to cyclonic technology and therefore is bag less. Its tank is not very large (1.5 liters), but it responds perfectly to daily cleaning. Despite its 5 kg of weight, it has a more compact appearance than other similar models and is easy to handle, thanks to its two large rear wheels. It comes equipped with a brush that works for all types of floors and includes a short brush for upholstery and another for grooves that’s enough for basic cleaning. 

 All in all, the Rowenta Air Force Extreme, Compact Power Cyclonic is a good canister vacuum to have at home, at a more than reasonable price



Good price.

The aspiration is so powerful that it can generate a “suction effect”.

Powerful vacuum.

Pretty long cable.

Type: broom

Power: 25.2V

Noise: 66 dB

Autonomy: 60 minutes

Bosch Athlet, an articulated cordless vacuum cleaner, practical for cleaning under furniture and quite quiet.

The Bosch Athlet is one of the quietest in its range (66 Db). It works without a cable and its 25.5 V gives it an autonomy of up to 60 minutes of use , something that is fulfilled by sucking in the minimum of power; at medium power it can be about 40 minutes. The suction response is very correct and even collects a certain size waste well. It also vacuums pet hair, albeit within the limitations of a non-high-end vacuum.

It is quite light (3 kilos) and handles well with one hand. Its 900 ml tank is enough for more than one cleaning day. A detail that is very comfortable is the articulated brush, which will allow us to slide the vacuum cleaner under the furniture and put it almost horizontal without having to bend down.

To facilitate cleaning the mechanism, the brush rollers are removable. It is practical, although the round shape of the brush makes the hairs curl and removing them can be a bit tedious, especially if you have animals at home.

It also has a very practical sensor that turns on to warn us when the
power of the air decreases due to the dirt in the filter.

The Bosch Athlet also parks in an upright position, so it is perfect
for homes where there is little storage space.



Articulated brush for low areas.

Less autonomy than it promises.

Silent mechanism.

Large capacity tank.

Type: broom

Power: 22V

Noise: 78 dB

Autonomy: 30 minutes


Taurus Ultimate Lithium, a bagless, cordless, super lightweight, and highly versatile vacuum cleaner.  Ideal for quick cleaning without much effort.

This Taurus does a good job in all areas and, although it does not reach excellence in any, for the price it has it can be considered more than enough. Without a doubt, one of its strengths is the weight: only 2 kilos, which makes the Taurus Ultimate Lithium one of the lightest vacuum cleaners on the market, easy to operate with one hand.

It also includes a very practical extra: it has lighting on the motorized brush so that we can put it in dark areas, under furniture for example, and see well the dirt we want to vacuum.

Another interesting point: if the tube is removed we will have a comfortable handheld vacuum cleaner to use, for example, for car sofas; a functionality that other broom vacuums lack.

The power (22.2 V) is just enough. Perhaps if we are going to use it
for very demanding cleaning, it will be a bit short, but it is enough for
the daily maintenance of a house. If you have pets, you may want to find a higher power.

Of course, the Taurus Ultimate Lithium doesn’t have a bag , but a
Cyclone System, which is what Taurus calls its cyclone vacuums. The tank
is easily emptied and has a HEPA filtration system.



Very light.

Power something just to clean thorough

It becomes a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Light brush for dark areas.

Type: sled

Power: 750W

 Noise: 79 dB 

 Autonomy: cable

Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic,  a powerful, quiet, and handy: the basic sled vacuum cleaner to have at home. 

The Rowenta house proposal that is having the most success this year,
in its range of sled vacuum cleaners, is the Rowenta Compact Power
Cyclonic: a simple model but that more than meets what we ask of a
domestic vacuum cleaner. 

The 750W of power announced by the manufacturer is well used, with
a very good performance on hard floors. 

It has an amazing suction capacity, so much that it can even cause something of a “suction effect”, especially when we vacuum rugs. To balance we have to open the tab on the handle and let it lose some power. It works, but perhaps a power regulator would be appreciated to improve this aspect. 

The device is in addition to cyclonic technology and therefore is bagless.
Its tank is not very large (1.5 liters), but it responds perfectly to daily
cleaning. Despite its 5 kg of weight, it has a more compact appearance than other similar models and is easy to handle, thanks to its two large rear wheels.

It comes equipped with a brush that works for all types of floors and
includes a short brush for upholstery and another for grooves. Enough for basic cleaning.

All in all, the Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic is a good canister vacuum to have at home, at a more than reasonable price.



Good price.

The aspiration is so powerful that it can generate a “suction effect”.

Powerful vacuum.

Pretty long cable.

Type: sled

Power: 1,000 W

Noise: 73 dB

Autonomy: cable

Kärcher WD3, a powerful vacuum cleaner, suitable for liquids and with a large tank: perfect for vacuuming outdoors or pet hair.

The model is simple, but with a great suction power that gives it its 1000 W, a huge 17-liter tank and A + efficiency. That is precisely why it is a vacuum cleaner highly valued by those who have pets and want to keep the house free of hair.

Its great suction capacity takes everything ahead, that’s why it is the vacuum cleaner you would like to have for extraordinary cleanings, such as the storage room or the garage. It will also be useful for some outdoor work, in garden areas or similar.

Does that mean it is not a household vacuum cleaner? Not! It serves you at home. Although it is bulkier than other models, the carrying handle and four wheels make it much easier to move around. It also has a “park” position to momentarily support the tube without having to bend down and then continue working.

Apart from the accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner, it should be noted that the brand’s catalog also offers various cleaning kits. With a special filter, we can clean the ash from fireplaces or barbecues, as well as coarse dirt. It also has a blowing function, which is very useful for clearing floors that cannot be vacuumed, for example, gravel.

Don’t expect sophistication from this Kärcher WD3, but a good level of
functionality both indoors and outdoors.



Very cheap.

Its volume.


Use consumables: filter and paper bags.

Cash for liquids.

Large capacity tank.


Here is a comparison table with the best vacuum cleaners on the market, so you can compare at a glance.

Note: if you want to see this in your mobile, move the table
with your finger to see all the columns






Noice (Decibels)



See Price

1 of 10



170 W 




2 of 10

Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum






3 of 10 


Dry Wet 

1,400 W




4 o 10

Bosch Relaxx'x


700 W




5 of 10 



33 V 




6 of 10 



25.2 V 




7 of 10 







8 of 10 



22 V 




9 of 10 



750 W 




10 of 10 

Kärcher WD3 - 81FmgV2Fu0L._AC_SL1500

Dry Wet 

1000 W 




A Guide to buying the best vacuum cleaner

Tell the truth: you would love to keep your house clean on a daily basis, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend your little free time on household chores as unappreciative as sweeping.

Update! Today’s vacuum cleaners are a real revolution. You will hallucinate with what you can find on the market today: lightness, power, autonomy, connectivity…

Welcome to the new world of vacuum cleaners.

Types of vacuum cleaners. Which is yours?

How to know which type of vacuum cleaner to choose? Good question, because there are not only many models, but very different ones, with a range of benefits that you will have to analyze.

Don’t worry, we will give you some useful clues to find the best vacuum cleaner for you.

To start, you have to know the four basic types of vacuum cleaners that you can find, each one with specific advantages. Let’s introduce them to you:

We say it is classic because its shape is the most familiar, but the renewal is also noticeable in vacuum cleaners “of all life”.

Although the models vary, the sled vacuum cleaner is a device with wheels, armed with a flexible tube, another telescopic, and at the end an interchangeable brush (they usually bring several).

The motor, the tank, the filter … Everything is located in the “body” of the vacuum cleaner, which is the heaviest part and that we have to move with us while we vacuum.

Before, everyone had a paper bag as a deposit that was removed as soon as it was full. Today that option continues to exist but we have news: cyclonic vacuum cleaners, capable of removing dirt from the sucked air and accumulating it in a tank.

In general, the main advantage of sleds is that they have more power than wireless models and more versatility of use.  It is a strong vacuum cleaner, capable of withstanding a long cleaning day.

On the flip side of the coin, they are heavier and handle less well. Although they have wheels, the cable is sometimes a nuisance and you have to walk by pulling it and changing the plug when we vacuum the whole house. They also take up more storage space, which should be considered especially in small apartments.

Also called vertical vacuum cleaners. You recognize them because their shape mimics that of a broom. The dust tank, as well as the motor, is usually in the central part, although some models accommodate it in the upper part, at the height of the hand.

They are comfortable because the position in which we vacuum is much more upright and, therefore, more natural. If the machine is light we can even operate it with one hand.

We also like that they have no cable. This means that we can move around the house freely. We can better reach the high areas and put the vacuum cleaner more easily under beds and sofas.

More interesting things: some models can easily be converted into a short, hand-held vacuum cleaner, extremely useful for vacuuming car seats.

They also have complimentary brushes to be able to adapt to different surfaces. And the best: they are stored vertically, like brooms, and they take up much less space than other models. If we have a little room, it is what we need.

Where is “the, but”? Normally all these advantages are achieved in exchange for sacrificing power and suction capacity. Although the models are improving rapidly and offer good performance, the battery vacuum is less energetic than the one performed by plugging directly into the mains.

You will distinguish them by their particular shape, like a small cube with wheels. They run on a cord, plugged into the mains, and have a flexible tube followed by a rigid one finished in a brush, similar to sled vacuums.

What is your main advantage? It doesn’t matter what you put in front of them. These vacuum cleaners take everything and are therefore extremely practical. From fine dust to coarse residue, dry or wet dirt. They also spray liquids directly.

That is why they serve, on the one hand, as a household vacuum cleaner for use by day-to-day vacuum cleaners. And on the other, as a vacuum cleaner for garages, basements, or in general places where it is common to find thicker dirt, spills, or puddles of liquid that should be removed.

They are vacuum cleaners that also have a wide range of versatility. There are models that have the option of spraying water to clean textiles of all kinds: mattresses, sofas, car upholstery, rugs …

Another function that can be very interesting is that of blowing, that is, that instead of sucking air, they blow it out. It will be useful if we have a terrace, for example, and we want to remove the fallen leaves.

There are also models that suck up ashes. It is worth reviewing the list of accessories that can be purchased separately because we can expand functionality.

The biggest downside is that they are bulky, but if you need a wide range of options, you have room to store it and you don’t mind working with a cord, a wet/dry vacuum cleaner may be what you need.

Yes, it is those in the form of lentils that walk alone on the surface of the house “sweeping” what they find in their path. If your thing is to forget about the subject of vacuuming definitively, what you have to do is delegate that function to a robot.

Although it may not seem like it, they have been on the market for almost twenty years. What happens is that as their incorporation supposed a radical change in the very concept of aspiration (and, it must be said, they needed a margin of technological improvement and lower prices) we had to allow time to assimilate that they had arrived to stay.

This is how they generally work: they are loaded on a base and when you indicate it they start to circulate through the assigned space while they vacuum. They have systems to avoid obstacles and not fall downstairs. They climb on the rugs to vacuum them. They do their job and return to base to recharge.

Who can resist that?

The difference between some models and others is in the precision with which they perform all these tasks, that is, the technology they apply. The possibility of programming, the connectivity, the navigation patterns, the management through applications… In this field, the most important differences between models are marked and it is there where the most interesting advances will be developed.

In general, don’t expect a deep cleaning from a robot, but possibly the floor of your house will be cleaner than ever because it will carry out daily and methodical maintenance. Come on, you will forget about it.

I buy a vacuum cleaner. What do I have to take into account?

There are questions common to all models and others that interest you depending on which one you want to buy. We are going to review the most important ones so that you have them before you when choosing.

1. Power

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It will give you the measure of its suction capacity. In principle, a vacuum cleaner with more watts will have higher efficiency. It’s what interests you, isn’t it?

It depends.

The power is what in principle tells us whether or not the vacuum cleaner will have “strength”. 

However, it is worth seeing if the manufacturer specifies what the suction capacity is. Depending on the brand, the power may be better or worse used. And note that it affects electricity consumption.

Another nuance: keep in mind that a large vacuum power can be difficult to handle under what circumstances. In these cases it is essential that they have a good regulator, beyond the flange that some bring in the tube, to let out a little air and loosen the pressure.

Size, weight, mobility

The space you have to store your vacuum cleaner at home is a determining factor that will limit your options. If you have little space, upright vacuums and robots are the best options.

For a large house and without storage problems you can consider more bulky models.

And how much does it have to weigh? Like everything, it depends. How big is your house? Do you have more than one floor or unevenness?

Keep in mind that moving the vacuum cleaner is a job and weight counts. If you have to walk up and down steps with a heavy vacuum cleaner, you may end up storing it in a closet to avoid using it again, no matter how wonderful a machine it is.

In any case:

      I.    If you buy it with  cable, see how many meters it offers you because that will mark the radius of action without having to go looking for plugs around the house.

     II.   you have wheels,  check the size and turning angles. The bigger, the easier the scroll will be.

Check the measurements of the handle. It especially interests you if you are a tall person. An apparatus that is too small will make your work by bending your back, and believe us, it’s not a good idea.

3. With bag or without a bag

Where will your vacuum cleaner collect dust? There are several tank systems for the sucked dirt.

I.    Bag: the most traditional way. The dirt accumulates in a paper bag that, as soon as it is full, must be removed and replaced by another. They usually last a long time, although it is not advisable to force because as soon as they are filled they begin to block the air passage. They must be changed carefully so as not to release dust during operation.

II.   Cyclonic: it is the newest system. The sucked air forms a whirlpool that separates the dirt particles and deposits them in a small container. Clean air is expelled from the other side. They do not have a large capacity, but on the other hand, they empty very easily and are ready again

III.   Water: they have an interior tank that we will have to fill for each use. The advantage is that we can work for a long time simply by changing the tank and there is no need to buy spare parts. In return, you must leave the appliance clean and dry before storing it.

4. Filter

Without a good filter, a part of the dust that we aspirate will not end up in the tank but will return to the air in the room, thus making our vacuuming less efficient.

You should know that some devices have HEPA filters (High-Efficiency Particle Arrestor). It is an air filtering system that ensures a greater capacity to trap all the dust micro particles. And it ensures that the air we return to the room is clean, something essential for people with allergy problems.

5. Noise

Especially if you live in a small apartment, the sound of a vacuum cleaner running can be torture, so the number of decibels that the manufacturer marks is an important reference.

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There are brands that place special emphasis on this point and have released silent models.

Not that they don’t have sound, but at least they don’t look like a jet plane. Most likely, by closing the door you don’t even know that it is working.

6. Battery and autonomy

In the case of cordless vacuum cleaners, it is a fact that you have to look at it. The higher the voltage, the greater the autonomy. Although most of the models that you are going to find are above 20 V, take note. We do not recommend buying below that.

The manufacturer will give you an estimate of the operating time. Keep in mind that it will always be an optimistic figure that is, using the device at low power and in the best possible conditions. If you increase power, calculate that you will reduce the autonomy time.

Important: that it has a charge indicator so as not to be left with half-sucked.

7. Comfort

This word has to be at the end of your search because it is essential. You have to find a vacuum cleaner that you are comfortable with.

That the handles to work are ergonomic, that the device moves easily, that you do not break your back every time you have to vacuum, that it has a comfortable handle to transport it, that you do not be lazy to take it out of the closet … Details of that type they will make your life easier.

If you buy a balanced machine, that has a little of everything you need and that is comfortable and easy to handle.

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